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coinmama reviewpay for paper These are the Logs of Kirk (alias Jason Green. Kirk is a Tournament Character in our Boardgame Group. Enjoy reading.


Captains Log Entry 1


My Name is Jason Green. A couple Weeks ago I applied for a Job at this Corporation. It was supposed to be an easy science Job. Best paid 10 minutes ever, they promised. Well fuck that!

There were some guys with me in the application process and after some tests they told me I should be the Captain of the first ship. We had two ships, but the other one was one guy short, so they got an Android with them. One of the new types with an AI.

We wished each other good luck and started out. No idea what happened to that other guy. Sick or something.

It sounded easy: the ship jumps into a System, the computer scans the area and jumps back when he is done. I wish it were that easy.

Since I became Captain, I changed my name to Kirk, the legendary Captain from times way back in human history. I liked it, and a lot dont know him anymore.

Anyhow, our first mission started off pretty damn well. Our ship came back without a scratch! The scientists even said we could be the best crew they ever had.

Speaking of which, my Team has 3 other Members. We had Jones, who was kind of gifted when it comes to Computer hacking. So he figured out how to hack into the computer system to get access to the energy core from anywhere on the ship. Pretty amazing I think.

Since I was most of the time on the bridge to deal with the computer and we figured I probably must go sometimes here and there, he even build me a wireless device that lets me speak with the computer from anywhere. He really is gifted, did I mention that already? If it wasn’t for him, I would not be just the first clone….but I will get to that.

And then there were those other guys. I don’t yet really know their specialties. If they had some, it must be hard to pull them off, because I have not yet seen any stuff from them. But they are good communicators and have good strategic thinking. I think they are into weapons or stuff like that.


The second Mission did end…lets just say we survived. It was not pricerewarding, but still, we are alive. I even got to fly a fighter. I was pretty far away from the ship I must admit, but was amazing.

Yeah and the third Mission….thats were the trouble begins. I dont know what happend. When I woke up I knew something was up. The entire crew, from both ships actually, was there about to wake up. But it wasn’t just us. It was the other Crew, too. A shame. It went so well at first.

Whoever reads this. It happened. I am a clone. That sort of scares me. I will add the last minutes of recordings by the blackbox to this file. This is also one of the reasons they made me record this. The Scientists said it would be great if I knew what actually happened on the ship to identify the problem, why it didn’t come back. I think its a blessing I don’t know.


<-Recording of the last 2 Minutes on the Board – >


Red Zone Pulsecannon firing


„What is it?“

„The Cannon is busted!“


„It doesn’t have as much energy as expected! It fires with less power than anticipated!“

„Then repair it!“

„I can’t! The ship shut down the System, it’s preparing for the jump!“

„Then let’s hope we get out of here on time!“

Kirk on lower white Station for Visual confirmation


Impact detected on all Zones simultaniously

Recording ends here


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