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Their own fans will partially close as punishment for behaviour for their Europa League match against Celtic month lazios arena.
It is the very first sanction announced by Uefa since European footballs governing body said thefootball family has towage war to the racists.
Partial stadium closure is the minimal punishment Uefa can impose.
Lazio are fined 20,000 euros (#17,300) and will endure whole stadium closure if they reoffend within a year.
The sanctions relate during Lazio win over French side Rennes October.
This game was subject to some stadium closure for the behaviour of the Serie A sides lovers at a Europa League last-32 game .
On Tuesday, Uefa defended its record of taking action against racism in the wake of Englands Euro 2020 qualifier from Bulgaria, that had been suspended twice due to monkey chants and salutes by home supporters.
Lazio had published a statement before Uefa publishing its own judgment, protesting against thedeeply damaging penalty.
They said the decisionseems to not take into consideration the obvious condemnation from the club against the odious stereotypical conduct of a few irresponsible people.
The announcement added that Lazioreaffirms its intention to pursue penal and civil courts those responsible for unacceptable behaviour.
The Italian side bunch Celtic in the next European match on 7 November.
Detectives Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox investigate a childs murder
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