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I think a lot of us know the feeling when we go into a grocery store and eventually and up in the office supply section. All those pens hanging out there, demanding to be used. But the worst of all are those empty scrapbooks and blogs. They want to be filled. Everytime I come across this section in the store, I get this urge to just open one up and write down my deepest Thoughts or whatever, just fill them up, because there is nothing like a clean white sheet of paper.

That also goes for a virtual blog, like this one. But then I lean back for a minute and ask myself: Fill you up? With what? What is it that could be so important to be written down? Is someone gonna read it? Does it produce anything in return? Thats usually the time when I put back the scrapbook onto the shelf and discipline myself to get out of the section.

I believe everyone wants to say something. Write it down, publish it, and get everyone to share your thoughts, wishes, experiences or wise lectures you have made in the past. Look at Facebook and Twitter, where you can post whatever you want. Having only a limited number of signs make it very limited on experessing yourself, but you at least express yourself, even if its just about you having a coffee and afterwards needed to take a…well you know. A fairly limited amount of useful information I suppose.

But then again, having just that much space make it much easier for catching an audience that is used to reading this kind of stuff. I mean, who would want to sit down and spend ten minutes reading what someone else has created within thirty minutes. For one thing this person has probably so many other useless information from different personas to read that spending time reading something useful from one becomes kind of a waste of time. On the other hand writing something longer for your audience becomes obsolete as you have none. But sometimes I get the urge because there is nothing like a clean white sheet of paper….