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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Welcome my new Car: Alfa Romeo 147, 1.9 JTD!

Since I drive a lot I sold my BMW, which was using common gas, and changed to a diesel engine. Turns out a lot of the cars we checked in closer area where not very neat. And giving in my good BMW 316i for just any car with a lot of scratches or to many dents wouldnt make me feel right. Friday my Dad woke me up:”Lets go! We gonna pick up your new Car!” I was sort of shocked, but it was one of my favourite Car models in that size I was looking for. So we drove to Hofheim to a big Car selling place where we were exceptionally good treated and first thing we thought: WoW, luxury models, the Alfa shouldnt be the exception in the house. And it was not.

Insides: Look like new. Smells new. Sport seats, automatic air conditioning, cruise-control, almost 100k km (but so neat), etc.

So check out the car:

Carfront Sideleft Inside1 Cockpit Backdoorleft