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Servus allerseits, Mein Blood Bowl Team “White Hunger” ist nun in der German Blood Bowl League in der 3. Liga angemeldet. Ihr findet alles dazu oben unter “Stories->Warhammer”. Dazu gibts auch noch eingebettet meinen Livestream, in dem jedes Spiel übertragen wird. Auf der Titelseite, damit man es schneller sieht, ist ebenfalls ein Player ganz subtil […]


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People, are you serious?? As I was checking the App Store of my iPhone I stumbled across this: TOP 1 loaded App is “Pimple Popper Lite”!! As if we all love popping them… And even if, ask your next neighbour with acne, they can help you out with your secret desires and might be happy […]

Welcome my new Car: Alfa Romeo 147, 1.9 JTD! Since I drive a lot I sold my BMW, which was using common gas, and changed to a diesel engine. Turns out a lot of the cars we checked in closer area where not very neat. And giving in my good BMW 316i for just any […]


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Did anyone hear about that phenomena? Backflip-Meme? Well I hit it on a very disturbed guild community site of World of Warcraft (I know one member, and he said they are all a bit crazy). Also found on Fünf Filmfreunde. What is a Meme? Google it! 😉 Backflip-Memes came up, when someone thought:”Hey, what would […]

Die Roblog-USA-Au Pair-Grüße: die Umlaute – Jimmy – Pepperoni Pizza von Westwood Pizza – Das Wii Sports Ritual – mit Lisa streiten – After Party Tag mit Stephan – Hausparties – Mr Au Pair Mass – Bill den Au Pair Groupie – Becks – Budweiser – Vodka ( + Sprite) – meinen iPod – 7er […]